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Apprenticeship and Mentorship

Required Texts
See list at bottom of page.

Apprenticeship is one of the most traditional ways to learn a skill, providing on-the-job training simultaneously with deep study and practice.
Become a Certified Yoga Instructor through a combination of practical application and Yoga Study.

This is a Four-Level Internship Program that consists of several components:
Educational, Experiential and Practical.

The Educational component provides level-appropriate study topics, including homework, reading assignments and quizzes.
Through the Experiential component, the apprentice will shadow and assist the trainer, gaining hands-on experience.
In the Practical piece, the apprentice has the opportunity to practice-teach under the supervision of the trainer.

The courses are structured in 3 month tiers that may be 'stand alone' certifications or combined and built upon as interest and need develops.
The program is under the direction and mentorship of Virginia Williamson.
It reflects a classical teaching approach, firmly rooted in the teachings of
Patanjali as specified in the Yoga Sutras and is strongly connected to the teachings of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, the source of many of the contemporary methods of Yoga practice.

This program is NOT affiliated with Yoga Alliance

Apprenticeship Levels:

Each training level consists of a 3 month commitment.
Upon completion of each level, a certificate is awarded.

Hatha Yoga 1
Covers these topics at a basic, introductory level: Philosophy, Physical Anatomy, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.
An opportunity to practice-teach will be offered, but not required.
Requirements: full attendance and satisfactory completion of assignments.
Prerequisites: Yoga or group exercise experience is helpful.

Hatha Yoga 2
Topics added at the introductory level: Energetic Anatomy, Ayurveda and Teaching Methods, while exploring the Hatha Yoga 1 topics in more depth.
Requirements: full attendance, observation, practice teaching and satisfactory completion of assignments.
Prerequisites: Hatha Yoga 1 or comparable experience.

Hatha Yoga 3
Goes beyond the basics, examining Hatha Yoga 1 & 2 topics more deeply and includes relevant miscellaneous topics.
Requirements: full attendance, assistance, practice teaching and satisfactory completion of assignments.
Prerequisites: Hatha Yoga 2 or comparable experience.

Raja Yoga
Continue beyond the basics into more advanced study.
Requirements: full attendance and satisfactory completion of assignments.
Prerequisites: Hatha Yoga 1, 2 & 3

All Levels will receive constructive evaluations of Practice Teaching.

There are NO Current Apprenticeship Openings:

March-May, 2018
Accepting only one apprentice per time slot.

Training sessions take place in Boca Grande, Florida.
Schedules may be subjected to minor changes based on the needs of either party.

$500 per Apprenticeship Level includes certification, supervision, evaluations of homework assignments, observation and assessment of class or classes taught by you.
Tuition fee does not include additional asana classes or cost of books on required reading list.

 Mentorship with Virginia Williamson is also being offered.
Yoga certification and/or teaching experience is required
for participation in the program.
Each month-long commitment is for a weekly time slot and includes
Supervisory Meetings, Observation, Assisting and Practice Teaching.
May include a Substitute Teaching opportunity.
Fees: $165 per Mentorship Month.
Current Mentorship Opening:
 April 2018 for Thursday afternoons.
Time slot can be determined according to mutual convenience
Accepting only one person per mentorship month.

To enroll in one of our programs, please send your letter of application, indicating:
Personal Information, Yoga Background and Reasons for wanting to take the course.
Please list any credentials or other information that you feel is pertinent and helpful.

Yoga experience is NOT necessary to be considered for Apprenticeship.

Upon receipt of your letter, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Electronic Mail: Staryoga@comcast.net

Handwritten Mail: Lithe & Easy Yoga, 2015 Hyatt Drive, Port Charlotte, Florida, 33948.

For more information, please call Virginia Williamson at 941-380-5845.

Integrating into Training Programs

I am available to 'plug into' existing TT Programs
covering the following fundamental topics:
Yoga Philosophy
Spinal Anatomy
Breath and Movement
Subtle Anatomy

These topics will be offered in 3-hour segments
at the fee of $300
Study materials are included
(Travel expenses are additional)

Contact: Virginia Williamson:
Staryoga@comcast.net or 941 380 5845

Required Texts for Apprenticeship

The Science of Self Realization by Roy Eugene Davis - all Levels

An Easy Guide to Ayurveda by Roy Eugene Davis- all Levels

A Master Guide to Meditation by Roy Eugene Davis - all Levels

Yoga: Mind, Body & Spirit by Donna Farhi - Level 1 Apprenticeship &/or Mentorship

Yoga – the Spirit & Practice of Moving into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann - Level 2 Apprenticeship

Ashtanga Yoga by John Scott - Level 2 Apprenticeship

The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga by Ray Long, M.D. and/or Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff - Level 1 Apprenticeship

The Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar - Level 3 Apprenticeship

The Viniyoga of Yoga by TKV Desikachar, et al - Raja Yoga Apprenticeship - this gem is no longer available.

The Eternal Way by Roy Eugene Davis - Raja Yoga Apprenticeship

These will assemble a resource library to support your ongoing study and practice. Other books may be recommended relevant to areas of special interests and/or needs.

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