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Seasonal classes will resume in the Fall....thanks for a great season!

What a wonderful Florida Yoga season
It is such a pleasure to work with our seasonal residents.
I am very grateful to know y'all.

Some highlights of my teaching season:
Teaching the Caregivers Yoga at the
2018 Warrior Open

 Guiding Relaxation Sessions in the 
 Himalayan Pink Salt Room
at Salt of the Earth,
Sarasota's premier Salt Therapy Center

And, coming soon.....

Yoga in Paris 2018!

September 11, 12, 13 & 14

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Gentle Basic Yoga Practice
Audio is available for purchase.
This 50 minute session is instructed by Virginia Williamson
and includes Standing and Reclining Postures as well as a
Deep Relaxation.
Guidance is suitable for all levels - especially accessible to beginners. However, as always, you are encouraged to 'listen' to your own body and do not do anything that is uncomfortable for your body, mind or emotions.
Cost is $10

 Contact Info:
941.380.5845 - call or text

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