Unity is the reality; separateness the illusion.
Charles Johnston

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Sunrise in Boca Grande

Seasonal and Resort Classes 2016-2017

Classes for Members, Residents and Guests: 

Beginning in October:
 Boca Grande Club, Gasparilla Inn & Club
and Boca Bay Pass Club
in beautiful Boca Grande, Florida

Beginning in November:
 Myakka River Motorcoach Resort
Heritage Oak Park
in Port Charlotte, Florida

Banyan Tree Pilates & Yoga
in Boca Grande, Florida
Classes are open to Everyone.
Seasonal Classes begin in October.

Class Descriptions

Level 1  
For the Beginner & ongoing Beginner.
Information, postures and breathing techniques are presented to reduce stress and increase strength, flexibility & balance. 1 hour

Mixed Levels
An all-levels class. Everyone is welcome. Instructions are offered to modify postures to benefit your body. 1 hour

Classical Yoga
A longer class composed of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. 1.5 hours

Ashtanga Rooted & Inspired
For those with a home practice.
Surya Namaskara A&B and the 1st six Standing Postures from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method are used as the main asana practice. 1.5 hours

Sun Salutes and Savasana
Warm up with Half Sun Salutes, proceed to Ashtanga Vinyasa Sun Salutes A&B, do a few Standing Postures and enjoy a deeply relaxing Savasana. Some experience is helpful, yet, Beginners are welcome. 45 minutes

Yoga for Golfers 
Experience improved strength and flexibility, enhanced breathing awareness, increased sense of balance, better posture, less pain & injury and a quieter mind. Length of time varies.

All Yoga classes include a relaxation period at the end of the session.

Do not eat within 1 - 2 hours before 
yoga or meditation practice. 
Please do not wear fragrance. 
Check with your health care practitioner 
before beginning an exercise program.

Group Classes may be arranged at your site for $75 per class for up to 8 people; $8 for each additional person.

Private Sessions at your site - individualized programs for your specific needs.
$95 for duets

At studio and resort venues: Fees vary

Other Services include:

Yoga for Golfers 
Privates $75
Twosomes $100
Threesomes $120
Foursomes $140

First Tee Stretches and 
Post-Round Restoratives are also available. Fees vary. 

Weddings - fees depend on group size and location.
Beach classes are available.

Pre & Post Natal - fees depend on group size and location. Classes for Baby Showers are available.

Corporate Services - Fees vary.
Breathing Seminars, Yoga Classes, Workshops, Speaking Engagements for your employees or patients at your site.

Connected Warriors - Free Yoga for military Veterans and their families.

Yoga for Recovery (addiction)
Yoga for People with Cancer classes are  available for the medical setting. Fees vary. 

Payment is accepted in cash, check and all major credit & debit cards.
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